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High Temperature Gaskets

DELTAONE high temperature gaskets represent the ultimate solution for industrial bolted joints that are exposed to extreme temperature. The HTG design combines the superior sealing performance of a premium oxidation inhibited grade flexible graphite with an exceptional oxidation barrier in mica/phyllosilicate. The combination of these two sealing materials allows the user to eliminate the effects of oxidation at extreme temperatures. DELTAONE HTG family of products are the most stable and impermeable gasket materials available for extreme temperatures. The overall effective rating of the HTG configuration can go to a MAX of 1500°F.


The labyrinth design of the spiral wound provides for enhanced oxidation protection. While Inconel X-750 is commonly selected as the winding metal, any alloy can be selected.


The Kammpro-HTG is recognized as a problem solver for heat exchangers, large vessels and equipment that experience high operating temperature. Kammpro-HTG represents the best technology available in regards to torque retention, load bearing characteristics and seal ability at elevated temperatures